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Robocoy- Motion Decoy Mount

  • Motion Decoy Mount
  • Robocoy- Get Decoy Movement
  • Decoy Mount
  • Decoy Mount to add movement
  • Robocoy Decoy Mount
  • Turkey Decoy Mount
  • Goose Decoy Mount

Product Detail

Robocoy: Motion Decoy Mount 


Are you looking for a way to get more movement into your decoy spread? The Robocoy is an easy to use motorized attachment that will give you all the movement you need. It easily mounts onto 95% of the full-bodied Geese, Ducks, and Turkey Decoys. 


How it works: 

The motor inside rotates your decoy left and right with slight pauses to get movement into your spread. It will run for 20+ hours on one set of batteries! Check out the video below for more details and to see it in motion. 




Key Features: 

  • Easy to install (should take about 5mins or less for the first insulation of the plug) 
  • Mounts to most full-bodied decoys (Geese, Ducks, & Turkey)
  • Takes attention off your blinds and move it to your spread 
  • Small and compact so storage is a breeze
  • Sits right under the decoy so it is hard for the birds to see it
  • Come in a 2 or 4 pack
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