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*What GPS units will the Caddie Buddy work with?

The Caddie Buddy will work with any GPS with a Belt Clip Button (The little round button on the back). Here is a list of the most popular GPS units that work with the Caddie Buddy. (Just make sure you still have the button):

  • Skycaddie SGX
  • Skycaddie SG5
  • Skycaddie SG2.5
  • Skycaddie SG3.5
  • SkyCaddie SG4 & SG3 (Just make sure they have the belt clip button, some don’t)
  • Garmin Golflogix 8
  • Garmin Approach G5
  • Golf Buddy Tour
  • Golf Buddy Pro
  • SonoCaddie v300
  • SonoCaddie V100,
  • SonoCaddie Autoplay
  • Sonocaddie xv2
  • iGolf Caddie IG-750

*My GPS does not have the button. What can I do?

  1. I can send you an adhesive back button that you can stick on to your gps. (please send me an email or make a note in the notes field when you buy the unit saying I Need the Button.)
  2. Check with your manufacture most make a back that has a button for your unit. You can buy replacement battery backs for the Skycaddie SG3 and SG4 with a button on ebay or at www.gpsdeals4u.com (about 15 dollars)

*I don’t know where my belt clip is. Do I need it?

No, As long as your GPS has the little round button on the back it will work great with the Caddie Buddy. I include a belt clip with the Caddie Buddy.

*I like to take my GPS to the tee box and into no cart areas. Is it easy to remove your GPS?

Very, unlike some of the factory mounts. Your Gps can be removed in about a second with just one hand. Just press the release button and slip your gps out. Goes back in just as easy! Remember you can orient your belt clip in any orientation to make removing your GPS fast and easy.

*Does it swing when you drive the golf cart?

It will move a little if you are going over rough terrain. Under normal playing conditions like in the fairways, rough, cart paths, it doesn’t move at all.

*Will the caddie buddy work if I have a window on my golf cart?

Yes, I recommend putting the window up first, then clamping the caddie buddy on. If you do it this way it won’t matter whether the window is up or down.

*My Golf Buddy has a star shaped button will it work?

Yes, the star button fits into the Caddie Buddy clip. You can also use the belt clip that comes with your Golf Buddy in place of my belt clip.

*Will it work on club carts and the new ezgo carts?

Yes, the clamp will open up from 5/8 of an inch to 1.6 wide.

*How well does it mount to push carts?

Because of the rubber clamping pads on the caddie buddy it clamps great to the round rails on push carts.

*What is the warranty on the caddie Buddy.

The Caddie Buddy comes with a one year warranty if it breaks, I’ll fix or replace it no questions ask.

*I’m a little worried about the belt clip breaking. What kind of clip do you use?

I use a very Heavy Duty belt clip that is very well made. The clip also comes with a one year warranty.