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What Our Customers Are Saying


“Just wanted to tell you how much I like the Caddie Buddy. It's extremely well designed. It's rugged yet easily adjustable. Most importantly, it's flexible so it can pretty much attach anywhere you need it to. I really appreciate the ability to have my SkyCaddie mounted on the cart one minute then they next being able to easily grab the GPS and pop it onto the belt clip when I have to leave the cart on a cart path and walk to my ball. You really did a great job engineering the Caddie Buddy.”

—Joe Davidson, Simple Golf LLC



“Good, quality product. A thing that makes you wish you thought of it”

“Wonderful Product, Well Made and Designed, Worked as Described”

“Happy with first so ordered 2nd. Fast shipment”

“Great Item, received quickly and as described. Highly recommend. Thanks!!!”

“The best cart mount I have seen anywhere. Worth the money!! Great seller!!”

“Speedy delivery. Product is well made. Highly recommended.”

"I have been searching the internet a long time for an attachment that can hold my iPad3 securely on my tripod. I did, however, find some but unfortunately they were charging to much and upon further visual investigation, the product did not look to sturdy and secure to hold my iPad3.
When I first came across your website, CaddieBuddy.com, I was somewhat skeptical. I decided to look at the video you have on your website and was immediately sold. I purchase it and 5 days later received it. That was quick! This is one of the best investments I have made. Economical, secure & safe, as well as, functional! I am now using it to video tape the sermons at our church. THANK YOU CADDIE BUDDY! You guys are great."
Paul M./Bronx, NY