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What Our Customers Are Saying


When I first came across your website,, I was somewhat skeptical. I decided to look at the video you have on your website and was immediately sold. I purchase it and 5 days later received it. That was quick! This is one of the best investments I have made. Economical, secure & safe, as well as, functional! I am now using it to video tape the sermons at our church. THANK YOU CADDIE BUDDY! You guys are great."


I'm glad you included your business card.  I just want to comment on what a nice product you build. I'll be sure to give you the same compliment on Amazon:-) As a businessman for some 50 years, I've always thought it was just as important to pay a compliment as to complain.


I bought a teleprompter from Caddie Buddy Mounts a few weeks ago and finally got to try it out yesterday.  Wow!  It worked beautifully and really helped with the video I was creating. It is a great product at a great price!  Keep up the good work. 


Thank you so much for making a great product!! I tried another type of tripod mount prior to this purchase and never even attached my mini to the tripod because the mount was so cheap and poorly designed. But your product is fantastic and it does exactly what I need it to do, Thank you!


Just received and installed your superbly designed Club Car Column Mount Rangefinder Assembly. Excellent quality, outstanding selection of materials, very versatile positioning options are the key features are the highlights. Looking forward to keeping my new Bushnell Z6 Golf Rangefinder safe and protected for years to come. Many thanks for a great product.


I received the iPad Mount today - and I am super-happy with it!  Not only did it arrive way before I expected it to, it's so simple to use!  I'm going to use the iPad for teaching purposes (Tai Chi, fitness, etc) and this gadget will make is so much easier. What a simple, functional, affordable device. Thanks heaps for the great service


Hi Mike just wanted to e-mail to tell you how much I love your invention. It works great, I have it hooked on the handle of my walking cart. I have tried several holders and yours is the best. Thanks for inventing this.


I have used your caddie buddy one time so far and l'm sold on it. The product from what I seen so far is well constructed and I should have many golfing years using it attached to a golf cart. I noticed your product from one of my golfing friends while we played golf together in the same cart and it was great having it at eye level for easy viewing. The hands free ability that it provides you are well worth the cost using your sky caddie features with only a slight reach to enter your scores and golfing data. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product and forethought in making it. Thank You Very Much.


My friend was so impressed with your holder he asked me to order one for him. I have had mine for a couple years and is as promised. Sturdy and rugged, thanks for a great product.


Ordered the iPad attachment just a couple of days ago.  Received it today.  Impressed with the quick shipping and quality.  Thanks


Just wanted to get back to you about the IPAD tripod adapter I bought from you, I love it! Its solid! And Fast shipping to Canada! Thanks again for excellent service!


received........ better than expected, thanks for producing this fine product. I am a middle school coach and will use my ipad to film our games thanks to this awesome contraption and the movie pro app!


I received your mount yesterday and put it on my cart to play today. It worked great! I have an EZ Go golf cart and attached it to the steering column. It was an easy place to access and quiite easy to remove and replace! I would strongly suggest that you make some kind of deal with Bushnell to provide your mount with all of their products. Your mount is vastly superior to what they provide with their range finders for the larger model!!!!!!! File a patent and then see if they will talk to you. Good luck and thank you for designing a well thought out product.


When I went looking for a tripod mount for my iPad this weekend I saw a lot of different products. I came across the video of the Tablet Caddy and it looked pretty good. It arrived today. (Only 4 days after I ordered it).  I was even more impressed after I saw it. I am sure it will do everything I wanted.  I can even see the clamp and gooseneck replacing my travel tripod. That’s just a bonus. Thanks for producing a quality product MADE IN THE USA.


I am very pleased with this product. Thanks for such a simple, common sense design that works great.


I want to tell you how much I like the IPAD Air mount I bought from you! It is "Good Quality American Work", not like stuff from other countries. It works just as you said it would, easy to put my IPAD into or out of it. Holds my IPAD safe and secure. I can't think of anything about it that should be improved! Thanks for making a great product! I might add that I looked a many on the Internet, comparing descriptions and prices, without a doubt, the Caddy Buddy beats them all! So, thanks again for your ideas and work to make a product that is durable, does what it is supposed to do and priced right!


Many thanks for the Ipad Caddy - it arrived safely this morning, though I did have to pay a customs charge on it - which was a bit of a pain. I bought this for my eleven year old daughter who is a budding video-maker!!  I searched everywhere on UK sites for something like this and found nothing as good.  Other similar mounts had poor reviews.  I was specifically looking for something quite robust and that would attach in some way to a camera tripod at a later stage and it needed to be repositioned and removed easily.  This has it all! The package arrived two hours ago and already Sarah's Ipad has been attached to everything in the house at every angle to the amazement of all her friends on Facetime!!  Now she can get really get cracking with her Ipad and green screen and make some good videos. Ah peace at last!  Well done Mike - nice design.  I'll let you know if all her friends want one too, ha ha!!


I just got my Tablet Caddie for my Ipad. I called you last week after finding your website and video. I just have to tell you the product is Great!  I love it. Attached in seconds and can use the camera easily. I have that soft cover on the Ipad and the caddy goes over it easily. Stands on the table.  No more struggling with facetime video chats. The clamp and strap complete a wonderful package. This a wonderful. Your card says you are the owner and inventor…well thanks for Inventing this product it is perfect. I am sure when others see what I have they will want one too. I will have to see what else you have on your website. Great product, Thanks so much.


Just wanted to tell you how much I like the Caddie Buddy. It's extremely well designed. It's rugged yet easily adjustable. Most importantly, it's flexible so it can pretty much attach anywhere you need it to. I really appreciate the ability to have my SkyCaddie mounted on the cart one minute then they next being able to easily grab the GPS and pop it onto the belt clip when I have to leave the cart on a cart path and walk to my ball. You really did a great job engineering the Caddie Buddy.