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Handicap Flag for Golf Cart

  • Golf Cart Handicap Flag Mount
  • Handicap Flag for Golf Cart
  • Handicap Flag
  • Handicap Flag Mount
  • Flag Size
  • Universal Flag Mount
  • Clamp for Golf Cart
  • Handicap flag mount
  • Handicap flag mount for golf cart
1 year Warranty

Product Detail

HandiCap Flag for Golf Cart (Mount included).


  • Just clamp it on to your Roof support post. (Front or back)
  • Works with all golf carts (Clamping range is 5/8" up to 1.75 wide)
  •  No Tools Required! 
  • Stainless steel screws so it won't rust.
  • Rubber Clamping pads so it won't scratch or fall off like the Velcro straps
  • Flag can be rotated down without removing mount. (Great for short garage doors or cart barns.)
  • Handicap Flag is included. (UV Safe)(9"X12" Flag)
  • Made in the USA.



•  In Stock & Fast Shipping (Transit Time 3-5 Business Days USA)

•  International Shipping – First Class International Mail 



I am the owner and inventor of the Caddie buddy mounts. (And an avid golfer.)
I stand behind my products. If you buy one and are not happy with it.  I'll refund your money. (No questions asked)
Thanks for looking
Mike  (Call me if you have questions) 970-227-8414

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